To Flatform or Not? One Trend I am NOT loving…

The extreme heat in LA this week has me ridiculously excited for summer, which has put me on the hunt for new summer sandals. Now last year I got this AMAZING Aldo Wedge which ended up being my go-to shoe for last summer.

Aldo Drewel Wedge

It was perfect because it went with everything, was incredibly comfortable, and it didn’t have a strap, which I enjoy because that makes your legs look even longer! I do have a love affair with strappy shoes, but they do tend to cut off your leg a bit. Anyhow, as I began my search for my Summer 2013 Go-To Wedge, all I kept seeing were these dang flatforms, everywhere you look from ShoeDazzle to Chanel they are everywhere!

Shoedazzle Anja
Shoe Dazzle – Anja $39.95

Chanel Flatform

Elle Fanning
Even Elle Fanning wore these awful Prada flatforms to the Breaking Dawn Part 2

I just do not understand why you would wear these shoes, but I am a girly girl, and appreciate that when you wear a pair of high heels not only does it elongate your legs but it also causes your calf muscles and butt muscles to pop. They also help with your posture and confidence, not only changing the way you walk but the way you carry yourself! I do wear flats occasionally, but when I do I feel like my feet are incredibly long and flat, and I don’t even have really big feet. These flatforms seem as though they would only enhance that, adding a big clunky sole that make your feet look even bigger, like hobbit feet. I do love Elle Fanning and think she is adorable, but those shoes did absolutely nothing for her! You can see how much nicer and toned her legs look when she is wearing the heels below.
Elle Fanning

As I was searching for images I did find one pair of wedges that I am going to have to buy, because at $39 they are a STEAL and come in so many colors I might have to get more than one! If you’ve never purchased any shoes from Victoria’s Secret you should definitely try them out. Victoria's Secret Espadrille Sandals
Victoria’s Secret exclusive – Colin Stuart Espadrille Sandals $39

So let me know what you think about the flatforms that seem to be taking over, will you be wearing them this summer?

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