To Flatform or Not? One Trend I am NOT loving…

The extreme heat in LA this week has me ridiculously excited for summer, which has put me on the hunt for new summer sandals. Now last year I got this AMAZING Aldo Wedge which ended up being my go-to shoe for last summer.

Aldo Drewel Wedge

It was perfect because it went with everything, was incredibly comfortable, and it didn’t have a strap, which I enjoy because that makes your legs look even longer! I do have a love affair with strappy shoes, but they do tend to cut off your leg a bit. Anyhow, as I began my search for my Summer 2013 Go-To Wedge, all I kept seeing were these dang flatforms, everywhere you look from ShoeDazzle to Chanel they are everywhere!

Shoedazzle Anja
Shoe Dazzle – Anja $39.95

Chanel Flatform

Elle Fanning
Even Elle Fanning wore these awful Prada flatforms to the Breaking Dawn Part 2

I just do not understand why you would wear these shoes, but I am a girly girl, and appreciate that when you wear a pair of high heels not only does it elongate your legs but it also causes your calf muscles and butt muscles to pop. They also help with your posture and confidence, not only changing the way you walk but the way you carry yourself! I do wear flats occasionally, but when I do I feel like my feet are incredibly long and flat, and I don’t even have really big feet. These flatforms seem as though they would only enhance that, adding a big clunky sole that make your feet look even bigger, like hobbit feet. I do love Elle Fanning and think she is adorable, but those shoes did absolutely nothing for her! You can see how much nicer and toned her legs look when she is wearing the heels below.
Elle Fanning

As I was searching for images I did find one pair of wedges that I am going to have to buy, because at $39 they are a STEAL and come in so many colors I might have to get more than one! If you’ve never purchased any shoes from Victoria’s Secret you should definitely try them out. Victoria's Secret Espadrille Sandals
Victoria’s Secret exclusive – Colin Stuart Espadrille Sandals $39

So let me know what you think about the flatforms that seem to be taking over, will you be wearing them this summer?

Glossybox Unvieling!

So yesterday I did my first Glossybox Unboxing at the office and it was just way too fun! I can’t wait for next months box.  For all you beauty product junkies that don’t know about Glossybox, check out our unveiling below.

Just Another Saturday Night

With so many different events always taking place Saturday nights are always filled with glamorous outfits and search lights galore! GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI is kind of my go to when I am wanting a fabulous pair of heels and these black t-straps with gold chains are so ridiculous! I have also been loving Chloe + Isabel which I just discovered! And of course I love the mint Here Kitty Kitty Clutch from my boutique Yours Truly, LA. This Saturday night though I am staying in, I wanna rest up for all the amazing fashion tomorrow at the OSCARS!
 Just Another Saturday Night

PR S:11 E:5 A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll

So I know a lot of you guys watch me recap Project Runway on AfterbuzzTV with Cougar, Lo and Alina, but I wanted to do a little recap of our recap! So each week after we go on air I’m gonna show you my faves and all the looks I just down right don’t like.

Now last week Project Runway ended with a cliffhanger, Tim announced that the designers needed to meet him and Heidi on the runway, but they aren’t alone!  Out comes the dreaded “button bag,” and typically this sends everyone into a panic because it means a team challenge, but they have been in teams for four episodes now, so I’m not sure why it was so shocking.  and since Samantha won the previous challenge she gets to pick first and she instantly chooses Daniel, which to me was a no-brainer, he’s been in the top each episode, always has a clear vision and has a ton of experience. Then Richard chooses Stanley without even a blink of an eye, which we all joked that there had to be something goin on there, because those two were more than giddy to work together. Patricia selects Layana , who I am still kind of on the fence about, I can’t really pin point it, but there’s something about her that just doesn’t sit well.  Next Matthew picks Michelle and I just knew something was going to go wrong with these two and then we see Kate pick Tu and she comments that she “just wants to work with someone nice.” Lastly, to no ones surprise we have Amanda and Ben left… aww how sad the last two kids not picked for dodgeball. womp womp.

The designers head out to meet Tim at a cowboy bar, where he lets them know they will be creating two looks for Country Superstar, Miranda Lambert, one will be a performance outfit for a concert and the other for a red carpet event. He also informs them Miranda absolutely loves her curves and each looks should reflect that; the two separate looks do not have to look like part of the same collection and each teammate can create which ever piece or pieces they decide.  They are given thirty minutes to sketch and then head off to Mood where they are given a budget of $400 and 30 minutes to shop. At the last minute we see Benjamin mismanage his money and says “Basically I f’d this one up.” I feel like he could have said that each of the last three episdoes!!!

Anyway, once they return to the work room we see Daniel in love with himself! I mean I have been on Team Daniel for a while now, but this week he was reminding me of Ven! Even Tim lets him know the center seam down his dress is horrendous but he continues to toot his own horn and he sews away saying his look is fabulous! Tu was hilarious when he was telling Tim his GaGa look was supposed to “add volume” to Miranda’s curves – just a little note to Tu – no woman wants her large curves to look even bigger! My absolute favorite part of tonight’s episode though was when Michelle was impersonating Nina Garcia critiquing her look. She was so spot on I had to rewind and listen to it again, from the tone to the comments and even the pauses it was hilarious! And it was great to see that someone tweeted Nina about it and she retweeted it saying that even she found it funny. The night ends with Richard having a very sheer mesh ensemble no where near complete, but he’s very confident he’ll wing it in the morning. Other designers like Matt are not feeling so confident in their looks. So onto the runway, 4 were safe…


For those of you that watch us on Afterbuzz you know I’ve been on the Kate train ever since she and Layana made that fabulous pink and black gown for Heidi – anyway – she continued to impress me with this great red dress. It was the only pop of color we saw all night. This dress was young and refreshing and the combination of the very structured leather bodice paired with the flowy red skirt makes me want to see more from her. Tu’s dress was cute, but the color was boring! If this is supposed to be seen by people at a concert it needs to be a bit more flashy! The silhouette looked great on the model, but it probably wouldn’t be that flattering on Miranda, and it’s probably a bit too short for her to be performing in. Patricia also surprises me each week, she’s definitely different, but I think that helped in this challenge. I loved the top cream part of the ensemble. Not only did it move well but it created an illusion that would slim any figure. I would love to wear something like this to Coachella with some cute little booties! My only concern was the fabric choice underneath, it was not my favorite. Lastly, Layana’s dress was unimpressive, the neckline was drab, the color was boring but it was good enough to keep her safe for one more week, along with Patricia, Kate, and Tu.  Up next – The top looks of tonight’s runway show…


The Top 4

Amanda creates a navy dress for Miranda’s concert look, and it has great movement, the cut of the fringe is very figure flattering and the fact that you can wear a regular bra with it is great, but the fabric color choice is boring for it to be a showstopping performance outfit! If this dress would have been in a glittery gold, emerald or red it would have been AMAZING! But unfortunately for her as Zac Posen said it’s a fabric with a “wet t-shirt connotation.” NEXT! Benjamin, what can I say, yes it was a pretty dress, it fit well, but Miranda had the same thought that I had, it probably would not have been that flattering on her figured AND what the heck was that bedazzled tassle on her boob? My favorite part about this dress was the back until I went online and saw the detailed pictures of it and then it was just a snooze. So onto Stanley, I really liked this dress, I thought the bust was ill-fitting on the model, but it could have been fabulous on Miranda, and she seemed pretty thrilled about the top, and I agreed with her and Nina 100% about the extra fabric around the midsection. The silhouette with that much fabric would definitely add a few inches to anyone’s waist, but if he modified that, it would be a great red carpet look, because the hammered detailing was quite lovely. Now on to my favorite look of the night and the winner of this episode… Dun Dun Dun. RICHARD!  Runway day comes and Richard pulls a rabbit out of you know where. His ingenious idea to hack off the bottom of two Mood shirts he purchased and sew them into a tube dress more than paid off. The hanging leather tassles gave the dress great movement and the sparkle from the silver embellishments was perfect for a concert performance so that even people way up in the nose-bleed seats could see it. I really did love this dress and Richard if you’re reading this please send me one to wear on ABTV!

Now on to the hot messes of the evening…


For me this week it was very clear who was going to be in the bottom – I absolutely HATED two of them and the other two were meh… So on to Samantha, lucky girl had immunity this week. I was very confused as to why she would make a black vest for a busty girl, between the thick material and the placement of the zipper on it, the outcome was only going to make Miranda look even bigger than she is! And I know this episode was titled “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll,” but that doesn’t mean you have to take the most iconic thing of each and slap them together in an outfit. I felt like that was such a cop out when she said she didn’t get it so she just created those two things. I did think it was perfect how each judge said they liked the cute orange blazer and shorts she was wearing better than her design. Zac Posen said exactly what I was thinking when he said “there’s nothing worse than designers who make clothes far away from who they are or how they dress.” Which is so true! I feel like the most successful designers on Project Runway know who they are, know their aesthetic, know their customer and show that in all of their designs. Daniel was the biggest disappointment of the evening, and again they took the words right out of my mouth when they said she looked like a pageant girl. I think he just got a little too high on his horse and didn’t take a step back and look at what he was doing, in previous challenges the teams were much larger and the designers were receiving critiques from multiple people, as this was definitely a more solo challenge. And I really don’t even want to get started on that slit up the front with the frayed edges, Nina almost made him cry the way she went off on him and it was even compared to a napkin or a tablecloth.  Matthew’s look was definitely just as bad, there was thought put into it, but his lack of confidence throughout this challenge got the best of him and it fell flat and forgettable. Miranda gets on him about his lack of confidence, because it was very clear as he was standing up there that he was very lost this challenge. Even Michelle chimed in sticking up for him as a designer, but you could just tell he was defeated. Speaking of Michelle, I don’t even know where to start… her look was just all kinds of wrong. The “linguine” necklace was atrocious, why anyone would ever want to have something like that hanging from their neck… well I’ll just stop there. Once she moved that out of the way, you could see the vest she created was okay, but the texture of it and the back was the most interesting part of it. The skirt she paired it with looked much different in the pictures than it did on the runway, but either way I was not a fan. The judges bashed it as well saying everything from “it would be on the worst-dressed list” to “it looks like something from Rock of Ages.” Michelle stood by her look though, saying she loved the dated rocker look and that is exactly what she was going for. In the end Matthew was sent packing, in a very cruel way… by sending him home first he entered the back room where the rest of the designers thought he was safe, and they all exclaimed in happiness, to his reply of “no no I’m going home.” Tim entered and basically told him he did it to himself. Oh well, another episode, another designer sent packing!

So on to next week!!!! We a sneak peek of the designers getting their new clients, which are the cutest little old ladies, and what I am looking forward to most, JOAN RIVERS IS THE GUEST JUDGE! If any of you ever watch Fashion Police on Friday nights you know, next week’s runway is gonna be CRAZY and those designers better have their thick skin on because Joan Rivers is going to eat them alive! AHHH Can’t wait!

Be sure to check back next week for another Project Runway recap, and if you missed last night’s recap from AfterbuzzTV check it out here:

Fierce & Fabulous

Feeling a little inspired by my cohost, Yasmin, after filming our first video for She has a fabulous edgy style that is a huge 180 from my love of all things girly, frilly and pink! One day I just might have to try being a little bit more fierce! Oh and I am LOVING this gorgeous statement necklace from Chloe + Isabel – AMAZING!
Fierce & Fabulous

White Hot Winter

White Hot Winter

Winter Wants

Winter Wants

Coffee Run

Coffee Run

Let’s Do Lunch


Special Guest Marcy Guevara in Studio Thursday

Very excited to announce Marcy Guevara,  Contributing Editor for Marie Claire, will be in studio with us on Thursday night recapping Episode 5 of Project Runway. Marcy is also the host of Big Girl in a Skinny World on Hello Style and you can also see her on Coco Perez, showing curvy girls how to stay stylish!